The appeal of a car is reserved to the person that’s looking at it and driving it. A person might prioritize the sound of the engine over the actual performance while someone might be more interested in the finish of the coat instead of the safety elements.

2018 was filled with car trends that were both great and tacky. For some of them, the lines were even blurred. When looking at a Mercedes part catalog, you’ll often see some that were a part of a trend in previous years. In 2019, these tacky trends need to go away.

  1. Fake exhaust tips

These slick exhaust tips don’t actually contribute to the performance of the car. They’re simply outlets that have been molded into the rear bumper that’s wrapped around the pipe behind. High-end cars should drop this trend especially.

  1. Fake vents

Unless you have an older car model, you should avoid installing fake vents. It’s acceptable, to a degree, if you want to make your older car presentable if it’s your only option. However, forcing it will do you no good.

  1. Fake push to start system

Owning a car that you can push to start should be a legitimate goal, not a 3D sticker you put on the bumper.

  1. Fake inspection stickers

The last trend to start with “fake”, but is definitely the one that’s been going on the longest is the fake inspection sticker trend. Not only is it illegal, but it also puts everyone at risk.

  1. Anti-decibel cars

There’s no reason for a car to be completely silent. It’s understandable for electric cars that don’t produce much noise, but modifying a standard car to reduce its noise is a trend that needs to go away.

  1. Large fog lights

Fog lights already take up a lot of space. At night, they can be very blinding when flashed. Unfortunately, some people thought it’d be a good trend to get even bigger fog lights.

  1. LED jeweled headlights

They looked interesting when they first came out but LED jeweled headlights are slowing down in terms of trendiness when you look at their abundance on most of the Mercedes part catalog online.

  1. Wi-Fi

Internet connectivity can be argued to be a necessity nowadays. However, it’s something that you can get on your phone as a standalone. There’s no need to have Wi-Fi installed in your car.

  1. Analog controls

Everyone is pretty much used to touchscreen interfaces now. Unless you are trying to preserve the classic look of a retro car, there is no place for analog controls in modern vehicles.

  1. Massive wheels

When testing on different surfaces, massive wheels are incredibly important to have because of the coverage that you are provided with. It’s a trend that needs to stay away.

  1. Stock grey

Everyone knows that stock grey. This bland color can make a banged up green sedan look better and more appealing to drive. Cars should come in different stock colors except for grey.

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