123movieshas become the pioneer of online movie rentals, offering a monthly subscription to rent DVD from its website. Users create a list of movies they want to watch, and 123moviessends them by mail, usually 3 in 3, without postage and without late payment. When the client finishes the movies, they simply send the DVD back to the postpaid envelope. Then 123moviessends more after they receive the previous rent. This is an excellent service, very convenient and saves money. Then, 123moviesgrew rapidly and the price of its shares increased considerably.

But the recent confirmation of the constant rumors that 123movies has begun to curb the number of rentals that high-end tenants receive has caused outrage among many customers. This is contrary to 123movies’s “Unlimited Lease” requirements. In general, tenants can film as many films as possible, with the only restriction on how quickly they see and return them. But heavy tenants seem to be filtered by the company’s automated system, and shipments are delayed to limit the number of movies these heavy tenants receive. According to rumors, it was true for some time, as heavy tenants noticed the delays and were confirmed when 123movieschanged their agreement on support after the collective action regarding their “unlimited rent” announced and the “delivery on the same day. “


It is assumed that the company should try to reduce costs in areas that are above average

And heavy tenants will notice a decrease in service compared to what they received previously. But others notice other forms of diminution. Many new subscribers report a great service with a quick change for the DVD rental, but a subsequent decrease in a couple of months. In addition, many begin to report that the most popular titles remain in the queue for a few weeks before getting one of these movies. These reports seem to be growing in newsletters and forums related to 123movies’s online rental service. Just do a Google search for “123movies limitation??” If 123movies does not seriously address these problems, the situation will get worse.

Last year, the company added more than one million new subscribers to create a customer base of 4.4 million. They set a goal to get another million more this year to accommodate them with almost 6 million customers. It seems that the phenomenal growth of the subscriber base is not consistent with the increase in inventories to guarantee the same quality of service. The incredible success of 123moviesappeared in many competitors, when the cybernetic giant Blockbuster interrupted his healing. Blockbuster offers competitive prices on 123movies, but also offers a series of free visits to the store through printed coupons for its online tenants.

123movieswas one of Wall Street’s favorites with a triple share price in the last 12 months

The company seems to be so focused on acquiring customers and increasing the price of its shares, but does not agree with what is needed to continue providing a quality service. If the service continues to decline, customers will begin to leave in droves, and as a result, stock prices will fall.

123moviespractically invented this industry and deserves great merit in creating a service that many people like, but maybe it’s time to read on the wall of the shorthand or web forums and blogs, as well as the change of service, to keep a pleasant experience for millions of users.