Are you in muscle building program now? What is your lifestyle during your daily exercise? Are you doing correct life style during this program?

Maybe many people misunderstand and do 6 the following error when do exercises to form muscle mass, so the result is not to expand the muscles, it is will accumulation to be fat.

Here are for your additional reading, we share 6 big mistakes during muscle building

  1. Eat too much

There are many bodybuilders think that eat much will expansion of muscles, this is lack of common sense and wisdom. In fact the body only can handle a number of nutrients, including calories, only once from the absorption or ingestion.

So, what happens if excessive? All excess food that is not absorbed will be packed into a pile of fat on the body. Meal frequency, type of food, portion sizes (small or medium-sized), and multiply the intake pof protein. So it makes increasing number of enzymes and hormones that prevent the fat deposits.

  1. Excess Calories

Do you really need 6000 calories to build muscle mass? Or even 5000? Or maybe the smallest 4,000?

You don’t need it, but necessary according to the weight of each individual.

Most bodybuilders need about 17-20 calories per pound of body weight to build muscle mass. For those with below-average metabolism, may be slightly less or even nothing.

Start with the consumption of about 16-17 calories per kg of body weight, and a peek at a woman after a week or two. If there are still parts of the body which is still swollen, meaning that contained calories is still a lot which eventually settles in fat.


  1. Misstimed Eating

If you want your muscle build maximum or in the right track to raise your muscle, and don’t want to enter into body fat, should you hit the portion of food at two most important meal times. There are when breakfast and after the workout

When you eat a lot at breakfast, will increase levels of anabolic catabolic hormones growth thus attempting to destroy and kill muscle tissue.

Proper nutrition becomes important after a workout, sucking almost all nutrients that enter cause muscle growth and at the same time prevent or impede the ability of the body to store fat.

  1. Lots of Protein.

Consume many protein is not a guarantee to make bigger muscles. In essence, the protein is one of the most important nutrients in determining muscle growth. But that doesn’t mean consume more would also be useful.

The required protein mainly in muscle building is 1-1 ½ gr per kg of body weight.

  1. Lack of Anabolic Amino

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) helps prevent muscle damage after exercise, BCAA is also good for improving the recovery process. Consume BCAA before and after exercise, the muscles will be protected from danger catabolic after burned and torn during exercise.

Try to consume 5 grams of glass before and after adequate training or consumption 3-4 grams of Leucine before and after training.

  1. Inconsistent

Consistency is one of the secrets to boost muscle mass. It’s just a small step, but a constant every day, continuously, it will grow as desired. Incresing muscle mass, decreasing fat, and then automatically you will get your goals.