You are probably over the moment when your bestie asked you to be a bridesmaid on her wedding day. But didn’t you know that one of the responsibilities of being a bridesmaid is to organize a hen do or party for her? This is one of the best things that you can do for her – to give the bride-to-be a proper send-off before she finally becomes a wife.

However, if this is your first time to organize a hen do, you are probably not aware of what to do and where to start. So if you are organizing a hen party, then here are some tips that you can take into consideration to make this event extra special for her:

Consider the Budget

You would want to give your bestie the best send-off, but you should also take into consideration the budget for the group. Also, make sure that you keep an eye on any last-minute expenses that you have to take care of days before and during the event. Remember that it is very easy to go over your budget especially when this is your first time to organize such events.

Timing Is Important

This party might seem like a ‘no-brainer’ but remember that you are organizing an event for at least 15 to 20 women. It is very important that you have a schedule or something that provides an outline of the times and locations available.

Prepare Party Packs Ahead Of Time

Aside from the food and drinks, you also have to prepare for the party packs. It is also best to get everyone personalized hen party t shirt to make the event more memorable. You don’t only have a unified shirt for everyone, but they also get to bring something home to remember this special event for your best friend.

Work With The Other Girls

Sometimes it is best to delegate some tasks to other people. Sure, you would want to make sure that everything goes as planned, but you also have to remember that you can never do this alone, especially if it’s for more than 10 people. There’s a lot of factors that can make this fail so you have to trust others to help you.

Avoid Over-Planning

Events like hen parties are attended by adults like you. So avoid ordering other people around just to make your plans happen. This is not something that you should stress about. Leave some room for chilling out. This should be fun not only for the bride but for the other attendees as well. 

So you have made the hen do a success and you can see that each guest enjoys every single minute of it. It is time for you to sit down and enjoy a glass or two of your favorite drink served at the event and celebrate with the bride-to-be. Remember that she chose you to be her bridesmaid because you are one of her favorite people in this room so make sure that you spend time with her.