Medical tourism is basically an activity of touring in countries other than your residential country, in need of acquiring medical care. Stating in the most primitive way the term means, the travelling of patients across more developed countries from the less developed nations, for seeking medical treatments which are not readily available in their native country. Nowadays there has been an extensive growth in the popularity of medical tourism, which has attracted the attention of researchers, policymakers and media.

Features Of Tourism

  • Nowadays both qualitative and quantitativedisplacements are noticed in patient movability. People and patients I found to travel from richer to less developed countries in order to reduce the cost of medical treatments. Also the cost of travelling is reduced by the inexpensive flights and greater marketing and online customer information, regarding the convenience of medical services.The word‘tourism’ in medical tourism refers to the idea that, people often dwell for longer periods of time in foreign countries, even after the medical procedure is over. This however serves an advantage to the patients or the travellers and their associates. They can go for sightseeing, day trips and also take part in other conventional tourism activities. Also this allows the patient some change in his environment which casts a fast healing effect on his health.
  • A lot of people turn up for medical tourism India, one the main reasons of it is because,it is quite cost effective. Medical tourism corresponds toan international multi-billion dollar phenomena, and this is anticipated to grow substantially in the future decades. Healthcare in United States, European countries and other parts of the world are quite expensive when compared to third world countries like India.Hence the cost of medical treatment has become a key factor in the decision of receiving medical treatment abroad.

This has also clicked many employers and various insurance companies as a means to lower the healthcare cost.And an increasing number of countries worldwide have started to see the economic benefits arising from this emerging market; they are offering premium medical care services at substantially lower prices.

  • The cost price for surgery is directly related to a country’s economic status. Sorry Di prices can become down from 30 to 70% which promote medical tourism in comparison to the United States. Various clinics and hospitals in non-industrial countries can regulate the treatment cost greatly due to this reason.
  • The serviceable or functional quality and the mechanical or technical quality are the two major components of facility in the healthcare facet. While the technical instruments serve the core function of diagnosis of a patient, the functional quality is calculated by facilities offered in treatment centres like the healthcare services of doctors, nurses and staffs. Hence the quality of service offered and felt in medical tourism is a vital part in attracting consumers to the industry. The perception of inadequate quality of medical tourism can be overcome with the use of proper marketing strategies, as well as quality assessment. This can be achieved by the accreditation from a globally renowned institution. Such accreditation strengthens the quality of healthcare, by fostering confidence in patients over the world.