Gastric Bypass Surgery is a tried and tested method of reducing body fat especially from the area around the stomach. Fat is not bad but it becomes a hindrance in a person’s life when it is in a large amount that he or she becomes disable in achieving overall health and fitness. Large amount of fat gives birth to millions of health diseases like diabetes, breathing becomes difficult, and even doing simple chores like walking, running, tying shoe laces becomes difficult because our obesity comes in between. The level of cholesterol in our body increases which leads to heart related problems and premature death becomes more likely. Our internal organs get damaged which leads more organ transplantations.

Gastric bypass surgery produces reliable results with minimal side effects and carries what most doctors and patients consider to be acceptable risks.

It requires a lifetime commitment to eating better, taking the recommended supplements, vitamins and minerals and avoiding things like fatty foods,starch and sugary foods.

Benefits of Bypass Surgery

Some benefits of gastric bypass surgery are:

  1. You lose weight significantly.
  2. Cholesterol level decreases.
  3. Risk of heart and pulmonary related problems goes down.
  4. Life expectancy increases.
  5. You get to save a large amount of money because you are now more aware of your diet plan due to which you cut down on your junk food expenses.

Most of these risks fall into the “acceptable” category for both patients and doctors, although some of them are potentially quite serious and effects and complications are a possibility.

Risks involved in gastric bypass surgery are:

  1. Pulmonary embolism that is blockages may get created in the veins.
  2. There may also be leakage of fluid into the abdominal cavity which can be treated by taking antibiotics.
  3. Ulcers may form on the anastomosis (cross connection between blood vessels) of the intestine.
  4. Scars can also get developed in the postoperative stage.
  5. Because the surgery includes sudden weight loss, there can be deficiency of vitamins in the body which requires considerable focus and efforts on the patient’s part to keep taking supplements, vitamins and minerals so that the deficiency can be removed.
  6. Gastric dumping also occurs which can result in mild to profound diarrhoea but can be treated by sticking to the recommended diet plan.
  7. While it is extremely rare, there have been isolated cases where patients have died during or after the procedure.

It is important to remember that not every person can get gastric bypass surgery and there are some prerequisites to get qualified for the surgery. The prerequisites are:

  1. BMI should be greater or equal to 35.
  2. Have tried to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise programs but to no avail.
  3. You are experiencing serious health problems directly related to your weight as mentioned above.

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