Power is something we all need in our daily lives for our sustenance. It is necessary to run most of the devices we use every day and at night it is even more important as it powers almost all the lights around the world. In a country like India, there is always a need for more power and with an ever growing population; the demand is only set to skyrocket. This is the major reason as to why there is always a shortage of electricity. The supply simply cannot meet the demands of the people. This case is even more exemplified in rural areas, where they get electricity for only a few days a week.

This is a reason why there is a paramount need for homes to be equipped with battery and inverter packs. These are basically devices which can restore power back to homes for a certain period of time, during a case of a power-cut. An inverter is a device which transforms DC to AC; it does this using various coils and windings. It draws power from a DC source which is a battery and then converts it to AC and is then fed to the Mainline. The inverter stays connected to the main line and can be easily switched when power cuts off. The same line is also used to charge the battery when the power is restored.

Depending on the type of appliances in the household, there are various types of inverters and battery combinations that one can get their hands on. If the household has many items which require a smooth AC current, like air conditioners, refrigerators and computers; getting a sine wave inverter is a good idea. These inverters do a very good job and ensure that the devices do not get damaged; the only drawback would be the noise that it tends to emit. If one’s household has basic appliances and needs power for lighting and running basic devices, then a square inverter would be an ideal option.

There are also various types of batteries available, the most popular ones being tubular and flat plate batteries. There is no major difference between the two, only that the tubular battery is capable of providing more power as it has more surface area. Either battery is powerful enough to power most homes or a combination of batteries can be even used to backup offices and businesses. Depending upon the requirement, one can opt for either; although tubular batteries are more expensive than flat plate batteries. Luminous battery is by far one of the best ones available and their battery and inverter bundle can be very economically efficient.

In places like India, where power cuts are frequent, having access to a battery and inverter combination can be very beneficial. It can help keep appliances and devices from getting damaged, as well as powering homes for one’s needs. It is especially helpful in places which tend to get power cuts very frequently and at night times. This would be a wise investment and will pay off well in the future.