Chicago is one of the most happening places in the United States and densely populated. It is the fifth-most populous city in North America and third-most populous city in the entire United States. The growing popularity of the United States have been attracting people from across the world to settle here and as a result this has pushed up the demand for quality real estate activities.

Eugene Bernshtam is one of the most popular real estate developers who have graduated with a degree in finance. After earning his degree in finance, Bernshtam has had a considerable long working tenure in investment banking. Later he founded a real estate company and even started an auto business.

Mr. Bernshtam’s experience in the banking industry and his understanding of the real estate business has been greatly influencing the operations of his real estate company – Avalon Holdings LLC. His profound sense of understanding the real estate business has helped him put forward various dimensions of real estate to his buyers apart from being just residential complexes.

Gene Bernshtam identifies the scope of monetary gain from using the real estate property for multiple purposes. One of the most explored options is to earn money from the property either by buying or renting the real estate property. Bernshtam identified the common perception of homeowners who want to make money from their homes. With his profound knowledge he enables the potential property seller to understand and weigh the different factors and then making the decision to either buy or rent the property. Here are some of the important considerations that a home owner should make before deciding to buy or rent a home.

  • The homeowner should first zero down on how much money he or she would need and how much time he or she is willing to wait to see the flow of income. In case of selling the house, the homeowner gets a huge sum of money from the sale. It includes huge down payment and then it would be followed by small monthly installments until the entire amount is paid. While when a homeowner rent the property, he or she would be getting passive income over indefinite time period, till the building is there and people continue to live in it.
  • Homeowners would get tax incentives on renting. This often works as an encouragement to own the property and rent it.
  • Another consideration is the incurrence of rental expenses including insurance, advertising, legal, and accounting fees. If these are not handled correctly, a homeowner can risk paying double for mortgages both on the rental and personal residence.

The business of making home is a common type of business and there have been many real estate players who have engaged in such activity. But Mr. Bernshtam stands out from these crowds of real estate developers. Mr. Bernshtam employs his understanding about the finer details to create a more favorable living space for sustainable living. He creates more suitable living arenas for present day’s cosmopolitan population.