It’s a traumatic situation to be involved in a lawsuit that can leave you at a loss about what to do next. So, Miguel G. Cotera is a lawyer in Santander, also known as “the capital gains attorney” is the best assistance for you. If you are considering abogado Santander, contact Miguel G. Cotera. However, if you want to know what kind of services he offers, then it includes-

  • Administrative

It supports your rights before public authorities. The most common services are: traffic penalty appeals, heritage claims, contesting public tenders, and advice/appeals before the Tax Agency and TEAR.

  • Labor

Stand up for workers’ and corporate rights and skilled in defending public employees’ positions, claiming compensation for the permanent and temporary permanent.

  • Inheritances

Manage your inheritance from death to the final award of assets. By paying taxes (inheritance and capital gains, if applicable) and continuing with acceptance procedures before a notary public and registration in the Land Registry.

abogado Santanders

  • Foreigner

Help you to get Spanish nationality. Throughout the procedure, he will advise and direct you with the intent that you can regulate your situation.


  • Municipal Capital Gain

If you have paid the capital gains tax in the last four years, you can appeal. He will evaluate your specific case to argue first in administrative proceedings. If appropriate, file a complaint with the Court.

  • Business

The main motto is to give you legal, fiscal, and financial advice to concentrate exclusively on your company. From an initial to last, he will help you to get the best legal services.

  • Resources Tax Agency – ITP

If you have a real estate property in the last four years, maybe the Tax Agency has informed you of a value verification procedure, indicating that the value you declared in the sale is not in line with the home’s actual cost will help you fight for your legal rights.


  • Banking

Evaluate your case and assert all coercive provisions in your mortgage (notary expenses, register, management, appraisal) with the greatest assurance, so that the bank can compensate you for the money and interests.

  • Community of owners

Help the community of homeowners avoid disputes and headaches and monitor their accounts and keep them up to date.

  • Traffic accidents

You have the right to get compensation. Suppose you had a car accident, and you are a driver or a passenger. In that case, you lack responsibility and advise the work to secure the reward, which is yours.


The Final Takeaway


Overall, It is visible that the importance of hiring a lawyer is not overemphasized. At the same time, they help to handle every dispute rationally. For the best Abogado Santander, look no further Miguel G. Cotera.