Blackview BV5000 is not one of the phones that would suffer actually big in the case they slid into water. Blackview BV5000 displays such significant features as being water proof and dust resistant. This mobile phone apart from having these overwhelming specs at hand goes onward to offer you by 2GB RAM plus a very able ROM of 16GB inner storage. What besides do you need for a phone that makes extremely well and does not experience such subjects as hanging.

Blackview BV5000 features a 5.0 inches screen that is improved with the 720p resolution that constructs and proposals HD experience. The device has a device treating speed or clock rate of 1.0 GHz that offers it an upper hand bearing in mind the 2GB RAM that is furnished within the Blackview BV5000 smart phone.

Trusting in the Blackview BV5000, this device sporting a 12 megapixels camera, the primary camera is one that says for itself. The secondary otherwise selfie camera sporting a 5 megapixels sensor that is casual for those selfie fans.

What do you consider of a 5000mAh, will you expend more than an 8 hours otherwise 6 hours? That depends on your regular use and whatever you do with the device. The Blackview BV5000 having 4G connectivity you could browse and stream cinemas and songs live.

The Blackview BV5000 is for the exciting, the klutz plus other persons who don’t like smart phones that turn into costly bricks afterward an unintended drop/spill or two.

The Blackview BV5000 is a cell phone of numerous uses. It is not only valuable in harsh environments however also a decent companion for your additional smartphones. Equipped with a 5000mAh (henceforth the name), it can purpose as a power bank plus charge other devices but leaving several power for itself. The Blackview BV5000 is purposely made that way, since that’s how a rough smartphone must be. Blackview entitlements its smartphone is water proof, dust proof and resistant alongside bumps and scrape.

Waterproof IP67 Rating + 5000mAh Battery- the Blackview BV5000 has the whole thing you might requisite from a harsh device. It derives with the IP67 rating, meaning that the smartphone is totally waterproof and will furthermore let you immerse it in water for up to one meter. Thus, if you have toward make a call in the rain otherwise take the device on a camping trip don’t worry. The Blackview BV5000 will create a consistent outdoor companion and won’t let you down if the climate gets rough.

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