The B6AC is an extremely popular battery charger used the globe over. This form from Build-Power is an extremely dependable charger accomplished of charging plus balancing lipo batteries for drones among 2 and 6 cells, together with an entire host of additional battery types.

A typical 30c 1500mah lipo battery would charge from a charger similar this in about 45 minutes, otherwise faster while using a higher excellence battery. This charger could charge at up to 5 amps.

Out the box these rc battery charger could charge one battery at a time. Stability boards are accessible allowing these chargers toward charge as numerous as 6 batteries at once.

This creates the flawless battery charger for maximum drone users, and would work fine as the charger for the batteries we provide. It will work well with any of our pre-constructed drones. These chargers and above straight into the mains using the provided UK fused plug, plus require no added equipment otherwise power supply to work.

The comprised wires permit direct charging for XT60 as well as Deans. Crocodile clips are comprised for linking to a 12v power source if preferred.

This charger is founded on the unique “IMAX” B6AC design through SkyRC. It has been manufactured by means of Build-Power. RadioC is extremely assured in the build excellence standards of this builder, and the charger is presented with the normal warranty.

The SkyRC imax b6ac charger V2 could charge and discharge NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion,  Pb, LiPo, and LiFe batteries by individual cell harmonizing for up to 6 lithium cells. It features an in-built adapter that could be powered from 100 V to 240 V AC, otherwise an 11 V to 18 V DC input. With its multipurpose charging abilities, PC control software, plus advanced features similar input power monitoring, cyclic charging and discharging, delta-peak sensitivity, and more, the iMAX B6AC V2 is an excessive addition toward the workbench of any RC, DIY, otherwise robot fan.

The iMAX B6AC V2 is an promoted version of the iMAX B6AC that has numerous new features and is more precise and more steady. Amongst its new features are a micro USB linking for interfacing by the SkyRC Charge Master Software plus upgrading firmware, user control over the ending battery voltage while charging, a lithium battery meter that lets the consumer monitor each cell’s voltage, as well as an internal resistance meter. In adding, the iMAX B6AC V2 is accomplished of twice the discharge current of the first form (up to 2A rather than 1A) plus has a re-peak style that lets it spontaneously top charge a battery up toward three times to confirm the battery is completely charged.

Each unit comprises a holographic label by a unique scratch-and-reveal 16-digit safety code that can be come in on the SkyRC web site to check the genuineness of the unit.