Concerts are a fest for music lovers. In Sydney, young people flock concerts to experience the music of their music heroes in their ripest and rawest form – live entertainment Sydney in its finest. Whether it is a big concert or a small gig, Aussies go gaga for music – for the love of it. If you are the type of person who is very passionate about attending concerts and want to turn this passion into profession, being a photographer is not a bad idea at all.

Since the advent of advanced digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, more and more people are becoming interested into becoming a professional concert photographer. If you are one of those people who want to become a true-blue concert photographer, then you should start practicing today. Experience spells the difference, which is why you should not delay your dreams – grab your camera and start going to small gigs and immerse yourself to the culture.

 Expand your horizons, your network, and your portfolio. You can do this by starting small. Attend small gigs by less-known musicians or bands. Doing this is not particularly hard as there are many bars in Sydney that showcase raw talents of independent and unsigned bands. Attend such events and start snapping some photos. After the gig, approach the band members or their manager and get their contact details like email or Facebook account. When you get home, send the best photos to band so they can use them on their social media accounts, and most likely, they will credit you for the photos. Aside from making connections, you are also broadening your portfolio. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr give amateur and budding photographers free media exposure. You would want to take advantage of these sites. Be active on social networking sites by displaying your shots, and when your photos are good enough, you will get more following. You may also make your own website. Many aspiring and accomplished photographers have their own website.


 After filling your portfolio with dozens of great and epic photographs, it is now time to make money out of taking pictures. Contact music-oriented publications like magazines, websites, or even newspapers. Send them your best photos and ask if they can possibly give you a photography assignment. Expect that you will not get it in the first try as many publications look for experienced photographers. If you don’t get the call immediately, don’t be discouraged; instead, continue filling your portfolio. Use your network. If you have already expanded your network, use it in your benefit. Your friends and colleagues may know a relatively famous band or musician that you can approach. You can apply as the official photographer of a certain band or music artist. Usually, official photographers of musicians get allowance. Although the pay is not very high, you can use that position to further your experience and your portfolio, which can help you land on a more stable career.

Compared to other types of photographers, most of concert and live entertainment Sydney photographers are driven by their passion rather than income. As it is, you should not expect to become rich being a concert photographer. However, if you have unparalleled passion to take pictures and exceptional talents and skills, being successful is inevitable. Many photographers have struck gold taking pictures of concerts and events. Some of the successful concert photographers of today include Todd Owyoung, Caesar Sebastian, and RUKES.

Becoming a concert photographer is not as hard as many people think so long as you are happy with what you are doing. If you are very passionate about bands, then becoming a concert photographer would only require you the skills as you already have the passion with you.