Cauliflower not only provides a wide variety of unexplored culinary possibilities, but it is also associated with numerous health benefits. As per some studies, Cauliflower is secretly associated with the anti-cancer properties. It is involved with a certain cancer killing compound that is called sulforaphane. It is also a great compound in order to maintain blood pressure levels as well as kidney functions. Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin C and Manganese that provide us two basic conventional antioxidants.

Cauliflower is anti-inflammatory, also contained with choline, as well as B vitamin that is helpful in brain development. It also helps to detoxify the body in various ways. Cauliflower is also associated with dietary fibre that is essential for a healthy diet. It can be cooked in versatile ways. From sensational curries to soul warming soups, and from snappy snacks to cool fresh salads- in all forms it satisfy our taste buds. Cauliflower can take a range of flavours as well as goes particularly great with vibrant and bright ingredients, such as lemon and capers.

So, here is a list of some delicious Cauliflower dishes that will really amaze you.

  • Bharwan Gobhi: In this recipe, the Cauliflowers are stuffed with cheese and khoya mixture after that, they should be bathed in a prepared batter and lastly, a deep fry prepares a crunchy and golden glory of Cauliflower.
  • Cauliflower chilli: This cauliflower chilli recipe is a tasty as well as lip-smacking dish that is equally loved by most of the vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • Honey Cauliflower: In the particular recipe, the sweet texture of Cauliflower is balanced with lime and honey. It is a no-fuss appetizer that will surely amaze your guests.
  • Cauliflower Cheese: It is a very delicious dish that is associated with Cauliflower, lots of cheese, and cream.
  • Gobhi Masaledar: It is a regular dish that can be made with a special twist. A mix of flavourful spices can enhance the taste of any dish.
  • Tandoori Gobhi: In this recipe, the marinated Cauliflower is grilled for getting the perfection. This dish is generally served hot. It is absolutely not possible to resist this particular grilled sensation.
  • Gobhi Shalgam Ka Achaar: It is associated with variety of flavours that is sweet, sour, as well as spicy one bite.
  • Cauliflower Salad: This particular recipe is featured with shredded Cauliflower along with capers, raisins, herbs, plums, bell peppers, white vinegar, as well as vanilla.
  • Gobhi Ka Paratha: Most of the people just love this dish. So, make the perfect parathas and make happy your family.
  • Cauliflower Chilli Fry: It is a spicy food and easy to cook. The Cauliflower florets should be dipped in a spicy batter, after that, they should be fried golden. If you want to know how to make cauliflower chilli fry, then you can search over the internet.

There are numerous other recipes that can be made with cauliflower, such as shaved cauliflower salad, a cheesy cauliflower pasta, Kung Pao cauliflower, skirt steak with preserved lemon butter and sesame cauliflower, and so on.