Our basic needs are food shelter and clothes. And out of them food is most essential to survive. In early time village life was prominent and people were fully dependent on the nature to avail the food as well as other basic necessities of the life. Today also we are dependent on nature but we have consumed it drastically, we are actually destroying it in order to get the comforts of the life. We are now consuming the fast foods and fried foods to much extent which contain the fatty oils and carcinogenic elements which are very harmful for the health of the person. A healthy diet usually is the balanced diet which contains the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, mineral, and vitamins. Each constituent of the balanced diet has its own function and significance.


Carbohydrates are the main energy source of the body. All the grains, rice potatoes, cereals, maize and some fruit are rich in carbohydrate diet. These provide energy to the body. Protein is the building blocks of the tissues. Proteins molecules help in the repairing and formation of the new tissues of the body. More over protein is responsible for the growth and development of the body. All the pulses, fish, eggs and milk is rich in the protein constituent. It is also helpful in the development of the brain and proper functioning of the body. One has to face the deadly diseases in the scarcity of the protein. Protein rich diet is very essential for the growing children. Fats are also essential part of the diet it is present in clarified butter, milk, all the milk products, meat, chicken and cheese.

It will get deposited in the layer of the skin and in the presence of the sunlight it will changed to the vitamin D which is also useful in the strength of the bones. Fats provide energy when carbohydrates and proteins are consumed. Minerals as well as vitamins to provide energy but these are very essential in regulating the normal body functioning. These will regulate the secretion of the hormones and these are helpful in bringing all the life processes in right manner. Roughage does not provide energy but provides bulk to the food and help in making the digestive system healthy. Salad and green raw vegetables along with fruits are constituents of the roughage. These are the main ingredient which must be present in appropriate amount in the diet.