Glazing is part and parcel of any reconstruction process. It is a well-known fact that multi-pane windows not only make your house energy-efficient but also reduce condensation.

However, emergency glazing has been the subject of mistrust. Many customers and contractors wonder whether adding layers to panes to existing windows will be as effective as installing a new multi-pane setup altogether. These are the top 4 reasons which will ensure you that emergency glazing is just as efficient and reliable:-

It saves your remodeling bills.

Emergency Glazing is amazingly pocket-friendly. Instead of replacing your window entirely with a multi-pane setup, Emergency Glaziers London can help you install additional panes on the inner side of the existing glass sheet. If the sealing material on the edges is correctly applied, the glazing is just as effective, at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, installing a new window setup might require adherence to legal bindings and regulations. However, emergency glazing is not subject to such procedures. This saves you valuable headaches in the long term.

You will be adding another level of security.

Multi-pane setups add to the security of your estate. This is because the added panes are made mostly from toughened glass. This makes them virtually impenetrable for burglars.

It does not compromise on energy efficiency.

The fact that multi-pane glazed windows are more economical is justified by their ability to trap heat inside your house. This is very useful on cold winter nights, as these additional panes store the heat that your home gets in the daytime. In summer, they insulate the house from the outside heat to not have to switch on the air conditioning. Emergency glazing does not compromise on this job. It is just as energy-efficient and saves you almost half the cost with the same results.

It protects your house from fungal infections.

Many homeowners find themselves forced to install multi-pane glazing to prevent fungal infestations in the walls. This is a potential hazard, as traditional windows allow sufficient condensation to damage your property as much as a leaking roof. Mould and mildew growth are common signs that you need emergency glazing at the earliest.

Emergency Glazing removes condensation altogether, as the added inner panes are completely sealed from the exterior air. This keeps them at the same temperature as the inner wall. It is just as good as a new glazed setup, as Emergency Glaziers makes sure that the seals on the edge of your outer glass are renewed. Consequently, the gap between your existing window and the added panes is completely airtight.

Emergency Glazing is much more affordable than replacing your window altogether. However, it maintains the same records of trustworthiness and reliability as newly glazed units, making it the best bang for your buck.