Digital sketching is a blessing for the kind of precision it gives when you draw. A lot of people wonder how different it could be from traditional paper-pen sketching. It is not very different from the traditional sketching in practice. Practicing and dedicating time would help you achieve proficiency, pretty much like normal sketching. Here’s all that you need for digital sketching.

Graphic tablet

A graphic tablet is the very basic equipment you need for digital sketching. A graphic tablet has two parts, namely- the drawing surface and the pen.  Both of these are the primary tools you would need and can’t miss. If you imagine, you would know drawing on a computer screen would not be convenient. The drawing surface of the graphic tablet rests on top of the table just like the paper. This gives you a better platform to be able to draw. Also, the drawing surface mimics your computer. Whatever you draw on your drawing surface can be seen on the computer.

The pen is basically like the mouse but gives you a feeling of holding a real pen. This helps you move the cursor and make strokes on the drawing surface.


What makes it possible for the drawing surface to mimic your computer screen is the software. Digital sketch has become quite popular. For the same reason, a number of software have been designed. You can purchase an expensive one or a cheap one based on your budget and needs. The cost also decides what kind of features you can have access to. However, being a beginner, you won’t actually need all the advanced features that you get on expensive software.


While this is an apparent point, it still is a good idea to remind you of it before you buy all the tools. Buying all of these expensive tools for digital sketching would make zero sense if you are not dedicated. You need to be very consistent at practicing digital sketching. Consistency and patience are the two ingredients that will help you enhance your skills. A lot of people might think of it as MS Paint or Photoshop. However, it is nothing like them. Digital sketching and painting is an art in itself which can only be mastered if you take it seriously.

If you have these tools, passion, and dedication towards drawing, you are ready to go!