The maneuvering phase of flight training is designed to develop practical flying skills and to develop the confidence of the student in his or her ability to handle the airplane safely. It is important for the flight instructors to teach beyond the minimal requirements for passing a check ride and ensure their students master the key subjects and skills of maneuvering flight. Flight instructors are given the right to improve and manage pre-solo tests with some limitations levied by the FAA. The instructor may select how many questions to ask, which questions to ask, and whether to use supply-type or multiple-choice questions.

Richard Bucklew has worked as a flight instructor at two renowned aircraft flight schools. He says that the flight instructor follows a demonstration-performance teaching method which is well suited for developing both physical and mental skills. The five essential phases of this process include preparation, explanation, demonstration, performance of the student and supervision of the instructor and evaluation. At the end of the lesson, the instructor has the responsibility to analyze the student’s performance basis the purposes described at the commencement of the lesson. Analyses are a part of the learning process. They should provide the student with recommendations and inspiration so that he or she can perform the maneuver in a better way on a later lesson.


A flight instructor needs to obtain a commercial pilot license and take the certified flight instructor course. A flight instructor can work in well-known flight school or can also set up an own flight school and become private instructor. A flight instructor should provide training to the students to fly aircrafts and provide suitable education and flying instruction. The flight instructor is responsible for teaching students about the up to date techniques and concepts. In addition, the instructor is responsible to make sure that the standard of learning and performance of students are effective.

Apart from all these, a flight instructor is supposed to adhere to all FAA regulations and departmental policies and procedures. Richard Bucklew has been a successful flight instructor who has helped many students to become successful pilots today. Besides being a flight instructor he has been working as an airline captain in major airlines of the United States. He has been an active member in Pilots for Kids and an associate of the Airline Pilots Association.

Richard Bucklew has been presented with the highest honor for his remarkable contribution to the nation. In the year 2016, he has been endowed with Lifetime Achievement Award offered by the president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama as a gesture of his lifetime accountability to making an influential state via volunteer service and for devoting his life to form an improved tomorrow for the nation.

Richard Earl Bucklew’s immense contribution in the airline industry for more than thirty years is something that cannot be neglected. He has been able to set an example for the many aspiring pilots in today’s date.