The watches for the first time have evolved during the 17th century. At first the watches were a small timepiece that is carried or worn by a person. Later, the wrist watches came into use, which were wrapped around the wrist of the person using a watch strap. Initially during the early stages of evolution of wrist watches, it was so rare to find a person wearing a wrist watch. In the later years, the use of the wristwatch has gradually increased and people started using them regularly to get notified of the time. While in the early ages, the wrist watches were very expensive in the market, gradually with the increase in usage the prices of watches have come down to within the reach of the normal person.

Most of the people use wrist watches as a means to know the time and to stay updated on the current time forever. During the initial periods, wrist watches Price in India were most commonly found to be bigger in size and were very expensive. For the high costs involved in purchasing a watch, only the rich class people tend to be the buyers of the most watched. However, the watches have revolutionized the way the people come to know about the time. Hence, gradually, the demand and production of watches have grown significantly and more and more people have started using them and the prices of the watches went down.

While in the initial periods, the wrist watches have come in only a fewer models, the current supply of wrist watches include more number of varieties such as cloth, plastic, fibre, metal, leather, steel and many such materials. There are also many brand companies like Timex, Titan, and Fastrack, Casio etc that are involved in production of watches in the market and compete severely to grab the most of the market in watches.

  • Timex wrist watches – Timex has a wide variety of watches on the display in its show case that are designed to meet varying specific needs of the different people. The different watches of the Timex Price in India include Intelligent Quartz, Expedition, Weekender, Sports Marathon, E Class, Fashion, Empera, Classics and many others.
  • Titan wrist watches – Titan watches has a huge collection of watches ranging from home brand of Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, Xylys, and Zoop. Some of the latest collections of the company include Fastrack Reflex which comes with a fitness band, Titan Globetrotter, Raga Aurora, Titan Edge and Fastrack Light Weight. Titan Price in India can be checked online.
  • Casio wrist watches – Casio more of deals with presentation and stylish in look watches that offers to the carrier a good look in the crowd by wearing the watch. The watches of Casio Price in India features speed and intelligence, tough and cool, absolute toughness, elegant, smart and shining, earthly watches, fashion and technology, focus on attraction to the viewer, and such other models with different looks.
  • Fastrack watches – Fastrack is the company that specifically focuses on producing watches and wristbands. So, it obviously has a huge collection of wrist watches that range in different styles and several features from which the customer can choose from. Check Fastrack watches Price in India on the web.