Become a valid candidate to work in Canada, for all those aspiring candidates who are looking for a career in abroad, this is the best opportunity for them. Now you can apply for work visa in Canada, the Canadian government is accepting people who are highly skilled and efficient in their own fields. There is a lot of scopes to learn and grow in Canada, the Canadian government has made some strict norms or laws for the genuine and deserving candidates to come and work in Canada. Not only work, you can also apply for a study visa and this can be done by following the processes the government has decided. There are a lot of reasons that draw a lot of aspirants to Canada.

How to get Canadian work visa?

A lot of people aspire to work abroad and they do have a bright future in Canada. Canada is one of the beautiful countries in India, offering a magnificent lifestyle to its people. Across the globe, people plan to visit Canada due to extensively amazing economic conditions and high rates of employment in various genre.

For those who are not Canadian citizens, for them, if they are wishing to work in Canada then they will have to apply for International Experience Canada working holiday visa. This helps you to stay in the country and explore the various options of jobs where you can fit, hence, for this, you have to be very clear about the jobs you want to apply, the eligibility criteria, a complete research of the profile, prepare.

Applying for work permit

If you are not the resident of Canada and willing to work in Canada then you must have a Canadian experience visa, which you have to apply staying in your own country, taking advice and help from the consultants who can guide you to file your application in a way that there is very less or negligible chance of visa rejection.

Reasons people pick Canada for work permits

Firstly, working in Canada gives you all the rights that a citizen of the country is liable to get, although there are just a few rights that are reserved only for the citizens. Secondly, if you have a Canadian experience class visa you are entitled to get all the sick leaves that are defined for a resident of that province. You will also be provided with Employee Insurance benefits depending on the province you are working in. Once the application is submitted by you then the whole process starts, the application is reviewed by an officer, the proof of your medical examination is verified, your police verification is done. The officer also ensures the following

  • If you are eligible for the work permit
  • The employer to whom you are applying for the job is eligible to hire you
  • All the documents are submitted by you or not

It takes approximately 8 weeks to get a clearance for your application and once done you are all set to fly to Canada.