Someone has rightly said that health is the greatest asset of a person. A healthy person with the amazing physique and glowing skin is desirable in every field and he is appreciated by the people. Today we are living very fast life which is full of worries, exertion and unhealthy life style. We have adopted the sedentary life style which is very dangerous for health point of view. We are drifting away from the nature. Nature is full of so many natural ingredients and colourful beauty which is healthy to eat and soothing to the eyes. Thus it is the great endowment of the god to the mankind. Due to unhealthy life styles we have to cope with so many diseases. We are availing what we are getting easily.


We are getting fast food and junk food in our door steps so we are engulfing these food material blindly. These are fried and prepared in very unhealthy way. There is proper way to eat and prepare the food. Due the advancement in technology in the agriculture field we are getting the food stuffed smeared with fertilizers and intrude with the growth hormones which are very dangerous to the body system. Old persons and kids are very prone to the diseases caused by this food material because their immune system is weaker than the adults. One must wash the vegetables properly so as to reduce the effect of the fertilizers and sprinkled medicines on their surface.

It should be cooked in very little quantity of the oil or fats. These fats if get in excess then these will deposit in the inner lining of the blood vessels as a result there comes obstructions in the flow of the blood and most of the diseases related to the hearts are caused by these fats. In order to save our life we have to be on medicine which also impart side effects on the body by affecting the mechanism of the body. Health food enriched in green vegetables and fruits are the best for the person. Along with healthy diet one must perform exercises as well as yoga which regulate the proper functioning of the body. This is the best way to be fit and healthy. Walk is the best part of your daily routine one can increase the efficiency of the heart by walking miles a day.