Even if you are not much of a party animal, you can throw a party and enjoy till late night if you are truly a chess enthusiast. In general people who are interested in chess, hardly attend parties. However, this supposition is not only somewhat prejudiced but also downright wrong.

So, have you heard of a chess party? The truth is that until recently, it is unknown to most. But yes, they do exist and not in tiny numbers either.

Well, chess parties are not new concept. They have been around there for a long time and mostly offered as a part of a club or chess themed entertainment package. However, there are many private chess parties, where enthusiast like you invite friends over lake of beer to play chess. Needless to say, the fun is unlimited.

Of course, chess parties are not necessarily for every chess enthusiast. However, it feels great knowing people out there have actually come to have fun playing the favorite game. Usually, if it has to be solely chess other than anything else, it requires chess aficionado to be all too serious. And it is inexpensive fun too, notes Radha Singh.

Hence, if you are willing to throw a chess party, all you need to have a number of chess boards and pieces, some tables and chairs and – of course – plenty of drinks. If you have any certain motive at the back of you mind, feel free to implement it. It would add essence to the party, for example, you can arrange competition and announce prize for the winners. Whatever theme you choose or implement, make sure it is in sync with the spirit of the game.

Simply poke around the internet and discover these things everywhere -YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or any other relevant places. You can come across people throwing such events to celebrate their birthday party. So, go figure.

Chess Party

For some reason, even it seems inexplicable, this is something which would surely excite you. Just think of the ambiance. People are engrossed in the chess game over their drinks. This is really going to be great fun, isn’t it?

According to Radha C Singh, Chess has to be as much about fun as it is about brains. This is like mixing you business with your pleasure. So, next time if you are in a party mood, you can go for a chess party. There are plenty of videos, articles, and other resources you need on net to help you plan the party.

Give yourself some time to sober up and enjoy the game. If you find no improvement, think of the years of fun you will have trying to push chess rating into the zone.

Well, to have an online flavor, you can try playing the top chess search engine. You will be allowed to set the level from 1 to 10 from easy to grand-master. In case you get stuck, feel free to use a hint or take back the move. This is really as fascinating as off line chess parties.