Are you in constant race with time? Do you receive business phone calls while dressing a child for a kindergarten, and at meetings you think about what to cook for dinner when you return home? You do not have that extra energy anymore that you would like to spend. Uh, we fully understand you … Every employed mother should get an ordeal for sacrifice, success, and even courage. teach all the busy moms how to take care of their bodies.

But, just like every other woman in the world, an employed mother has to take care of her body and health. That’s why you have to find time for exercise, even if it is only about twenty minutes a day or intense training over the weekend. But, in any case, the main challenge for this task is that you have to find some time for yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to do this if your schedule is too crowded, but not unthinkable. Read why.

  1. Practice early in the morning When you get hired, and then you give birth (and vice versa), the days when you slept for 11 hours will stay far behind you. Therefore, early morning is the best time to devote time to yourself. So, as get up, stretch yourself, do a few squats, or a short session of yoga. You will see how after every morning ritual you will feel much better, and you will be full of energy for new victories throughout the day.
  2. Practice in the afternoon, when your child sleeps After coming out of work and accompanying a child from a kindergarten, lunch, then put the child in bed in the afternoon. The schedule is generally the same for everyone. Well, if you are not a morning person, and if your early morning practice does not suit you, take that nap as a term for exercise.3. Take the child with you There are many ways to include your child in your fitness routine. In this way, you will be able to get teach them to a healthy and active life, and you will spend more time doing it in a nutshell. In some fitness centers in foreign countries, exercising with children is practiced, so that’s not the least strange thing, and for now you can do it in your own home, and besides, if you like fast walking, you can take the baby in a wheelchair to the next training.
  3. Walk If you happen to be too tired to practice – which, of course, is quite justified – go for a walk with your husband and child.
  4. Practice at the playground Why not use the time you take your child at the playground? If you’re know at least one other mother who takes her child to play at the same place you do, suggest this idea to have a company for this kind of activity.

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