The bitcoin is the digital currency which is available to you in a wallet without providing by bank or government. You can earn bitcoin through bitcoin mining. The process of bitcoin mining can get you lots of cash. The miners are the one who confirm the transactions and secure the bitcoin network. 

The actual procedure of bitcoin mining 

The bitcoin mining is specialized and they get to be mined in the big warehouses. The process is actually a bit expensive but you get the good profit. To perform a hobby mining then it is done in these simple steps.

Have a bitcoin wallet:

When you mine the bitcoins, they are sent to a wallet of bitcoin. You cannot be able to min without having a bitcoin wallet. The e-wallet of bitcoin is needed surely for bitcoin mining to store the bitcoins. You can discover guides where you can find the information about the bitcoin wallet and which one to use.

earn bitcoin

Discover the bitcoin exchange:

You have to sell the coins for paying costs of power when you are trying to earn the bitcoins from the process of mining. You might also purchase bitcoins on exchanges.

Have the bitcoin hardware:

Without having ASIC miner, you cannot be able to mine. The miners of ASIC are the computers which are specialized and were built for the actual intention of bitcoins mining. You should not try to mine the bitcoins on your laptop or phone, you might get only one penny per year and there will be a lost of so much electricity. Your battery will drain if you do mining of bitcoins in your phone, laptop, or desktop computers.

Choosing the pool of mining:

When you finally acquire the hardware of bitcoin mining, then your next step is to choose the pool of mining. You can only acquire a payout of mining if you found your own block which is known as solo mining. It is not advised to have it as your hash rate of hardware is unlikely to be present everywhere for finding a solo mining block.

Thus, these are the steps through which a simple bitcoin mining happens. You can do these steps in a big warehouse don’t do it on your PC or laptop or phone. As it is mining, it needs a lot of computing power for mining for getting the new bitcoins.