For those of you who didn’t know, martial arts are one of the best ways to achieve inner peace and become a better person. It is a technique that doesn’t teach you how to fight, but to learn how to become a better, happier person. You are the only person who has power over you. So, why worrying about things that will never happen? According to taekwondo burlington here are some of the ways to improve your mood:
Show gratitude
Regardless of the causes of a bad mood, gratitude is a great way to quickly get adjusted to every situation. Just think of the things you are grateful for and enumerate them at least a dozen. Turn those little things such as taking a walk into something beautiful. Learn how to be thankful for the small things you have.

Focus on the present moment

We all know that tomorrow never comes, right? The present moment is the only part of the time that we have available, but most likely we are not focused on it, as we are on sad moments. Every person worries about the future or the past. If you want your conscious attention on the present, focus on your breathing, feel the touch of your nostrils and air flow or simply look around the room you are in and watch a few seconds focusing on every item in it, it will help.

Go for a walk

If possible, go outside and take a walk, only for ten minutes. As you walk, breathe deeply and carefully observe the environment.


If you love music, let the loud music improve your mood and dance like no one is watching. You may find it a little strange at first, but the dance will soon cheer you up, and in addition you will enjoy the sense of freedom and spontaneity.

Clean your room

Dealing with simple tasks such as cleaning the room can very quickly give you an improved mood. A similar effect will have other “small” chores, such as dusting or washing dishes.

Call your parents, friends or husband / wife

Call them or send an SMS, or just tell them something nice, say that you miss them or ask them for a lunch / dinner / coffee / cake, just make sure not to complain.

Play with your thoughts, rather than letting them play with you

Our thoughts are just our thoughts, they are not absolute truth, and we are inclined to give them a lot of attention and power, much higher than necessary. Play with them … think of them as colorful balloons floating above your head, and you choose which balloon you will hold in your hand. Thoughts are just guests, and we are the hosts, if there is a guest you not like, do not welcome them.

He smiled to yourself looking in the mirror … and everything’s different, isn’t it?