Somehow, we always neglect our own behavior, rarely or never reconsider our actions, and very often we blame others for the things and situations that are happening to us. We believe that others have great expectations from us, and not that we ourselves actually made that happen thanks to our own actions.
In women, fondness easily turns into possessiveness, but the fact is that they do not even notice it. Some of the signs indicate exactly that. will help you recognize those signs on time.

You have abandoned your friends

Up until yesterday, you enjoyed your friends’ conversations, going out, to the cinema, walking, and then you found a guy and suddenly neglected them. Although you think that you only fell in love with him and that this is normal, the truth is far different: you actually want to control your boyfriend.

You call him constantly
If you start bombarding him with morning messages, calls from early morning and you ask him constantly: how he is, what he does, how he is sleeping, what his plans are, then you have a problem. And then after only a few hours you call him again because you forgot to tell him something. In the evening, you will send him messages for a good night and you keep doing that every single day. If you do not want a man to run away from you, no matter what, take a deep breath and stop doing that every time.

You check his mobile phone
If you are one of those people who are want to spy on their partner, you are constantly in the process of investigating things, such as who likes his pictures, where he left a comment, whom he send a message, and so on. And besides that, you also check his E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, and perhaps LinkedIn. Privacy in the relationship is very important, such actions will suppress both yours and you. Relax, some things cannot be prevented anyway, no matter how hard they try.

If you think that each woman is a potential threat, and she will take him away from you, you have a problem. No one wants a person without self-confidence next to himself. Just try to understand that a colleague at work is just a colleague, and that if she wanted to become a little more than a colleague she would have become, she would not wait for you to become jealous to suddenly notice that her colleague is actually handsome, cute, desirable and attractive. If you want your boyfriend to run away from you, this is the right way.

You are bothered that he goes out with his friends
Another indicator that you are a possessive person. The only thing worse than not letting him to go out with his friends is that you want to go with him.