If you look around a little, in your home, take a look at all the drawers and cabinets, pick up all the chemical preparations and put them one place, it will not be that hard to understand that you are being exposed to a very dangerous battlefield of weapons, and if only half of that came in contact with drinking water, you should seriously consider throwing them away. In order to use precise main water there are a few things to know of.

Do you wonder, why are you doing this? Is there really any need to have all these chemical products?

One of the worst thing is that the manufacturer on the label says in large letters “kills”, it kills 99.9% of bacteria, stains, grease, fungus, mold, ants, beetles… it actually kills everything. But they forgot to write the most important thing, “This product kills people, children and all living organisms.” It should be clear just like those horrible messages on cigarettes. So, it should read “This product is dangerous to your health, the ingestion and inhalation causes permanent consequences to your health, possible outcome is death, this product can cause cancer, epilepsy, eczema, bronchitis, asthma, disorientation, redness, itching, insomnia. “So, every time you find yourself in the action in front of shelves on which there are chemical products have this message in your head, and think twice, whether you need to buy them or not.

Next to the operating instructions it is necessary to put gloves and a mask, clean and rinse.


If you realize, all packages are made of plastic. So, when you throw it in the trash you should consider how much harm you cause to our planet. Approximately it will take about 1,000 years for plastics to degrade.

What you can do about this is make sure that you perform an effective and inexpensive cleaning and hygiene in your home. And it is much easier and simpler than you think. As you progress you will advance your interest and techniques.

Why is this important?

It will significantly will save you a lot of money because you no longer need to buy expensive chemicals.
You will not encourage the development of the chemical industry, which in addition to selling you poison, they are dangerous for the environment.

The family will be grateful, because the clothes you wear will not be poisoned by toxins from detergents.
The water in which you wash laundry or dishes can be used for watering garden flowers.
And most importantly you will be independent and willing to make your way around where you are and your confidence will grow knowing that you have taken things into your own hands.

It is always easier to go to the store and buy chemical products to maintain hygiene, but the real challenge is to make them by yourself and feel the benefits. So, start doing that today.