Hospitality sector is ever changing. When you get into the hospitality sector be rest assured to face some tough competitions. It is never so easy to win the race. Nowadays, so many restaurants are coming up to stay ahead in the competition one has to work pretty hard. In today’s world it requires lot more than just good food to survive in the market. There is lot to learn from veteran like Susie Rachele, the General Manager of Buttermilk Kitchen have succeeded in winning loyal customers for the restaurant.

Now the question arises is how she has done it? Susie has mixed three great ingredients like awesome food, elegant interior and grand treatment. The mixture has turned out to win hearts. For any restaurant to stay ahead in the competition it has to regularly monitor the current prevailing trend in the market. It always helps to stay updated about the recent news. Also taking a look at what your competitors are doing generally helps to improve strategies.

It is advisable to track down the performance of your own venture as well. Training the in-house employees on a daily basis helps them to gain knowledge. An in-house employee should be encouraged to be more socially engaging. At Buttermilk Kitchen, sometimes you might find the Founder and Executive Chef Suzanne Vizethann going from table to table to personally interact with the customer. The personal touch plays a crucial role.

A hospitality sector not only survives on good behaviour but also healthy food. A rare blend of tasty and healthy food together converts flying customers into loyal customers. Restaurant should be more cautious while cooking, a single mistake can cost a valuable customer. Buttermilk Kitchen follows the strict instruction of their Executive Chef to cook with ingredients which are made in-house. They not only provide world class but also healthy food.

In this cut-throat competitive world bad review of even a single customer matters. Whatever is the reason, a bad review will stay a bad review and it will not change. Sometimes it is wise to go something extra to win a great review. This can be considered as an investment in order to bring back a huge return. Buttermilk Kitchen has been reviewed by the customers as one of the best restaurant in Atlanta with friendly staffs, yummy food and warm atmosphere.

A restaurant is remembered for the special dishes that it offers. At Buttermilk Kitchen Susie Rachele recommends their specialty The Chicken Biscuit. An innovative creation consisting of fried chicken on a biscuit. Delicious in taste, created with local and sustainable ingredients only. A mouth-watering special dish stays on mind for a long time.

Susie has worked really hard to bring Buttermilk Kitchen to this position. From her continuous effort to improve the employees to new social media campaigns, everything has just perfectly right for the restaurant.  If you want to enjoy some sweet and savory dishes, take your family to The Buttermilk Kitchen for a weekend brunch, this is one restaurant you won’t forget soon.