If you need to edit your video after the shoot, then you can use the Imovie software which is best for editing the videos. This software is ultimate, which offers the different types of special effects which you can use in your video to make the video more funny and interesting to watch. Using the Imovie software will help you in editing the video, and it will make your video look great after the shooting. For Imovie free download for Windows, you can visit the internet platform and install the Imovie in your PC. The green screen effect of this software allows you to replace the video background, and it will make your video addition of different location and views in the video. Using the Imovie for editing or replacing the video background is an ideal option because it gives the top-notch result in replacing the video background.

For using the green screen effect in the Imovie, you need to download the software in your PC. After that, you can click on the click right after opening the Imovie software. Once you click on the file, then you have to press the import and add the video in Imovie from your PC. This is necessary to apply the green screen effect on the video.

Imovie free download for windows

The entire process of applying the green screen effect is very easy to use and manage, and you only have to follow the simple steps for using the green screen effect in the Imovie software. But keep in mind the format of your video must match the video format of the Imovie; otherwise, this software will not allow editing the video. If you don’t have the same video format, then you can use the online converter for converting the format of video.

Once you add the supported video format in the Imovie, then you can drag the footage into the time of Imovie for using and applying the green screen effect in your video. After that, you can cut, trim, crop, adjust and rotate the video according to your requirements. After this, you can use the green screen effect by clicking on the tab and drag into the timeline for editing the video background. Adding the green screen into Imovie timeline for replacing the background, but keep in mind both videos have the same running time. After this, you can click on the green screen button, and at the same time, you have to click on Video Overlay. Once the process is started, then wait for the magic happens. In Imovie free download for Windows when the final step is completed. Before you save the video, you can adjust the green screen effect in the video by using the softness and clean-up tool.