No matter if you are purchasing your desktop or laptop to be used at home or office, there is one suite that you should definitely opt for. Yes, this is about Microsoft Office. The applications offered with Microsoft Office are suitable for freelancers, small as well as large enterprises. Its features are worth investing for sure.

Microsoft Office offers desktop as well as server applications. Some of its most popular and widely used programs are-Microsoft Excel, MS Word, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Publisher, MS OneNote, MS Exchange Server, MS Project Server, Share Point, and Skype for Business Server. Its online services include Skype, Planner, Outlook, Classroom,, Teams, etc. List of applications varies depending on the version that you opt for.

Used by a wide range of professionals

The applications offered in this package can help in performing a variety of tasks, no matter whichever profession the user is associated with. MS Word is probably world’s most popular option used for creating documents for personal as well as professional use. When it comes to designing invitations and brochures, Microsoft Publisher is the best choice. There is no need to elaborate much about Microsoft Excel. These sheets help in managing data in the most cost effective way possible.

All these solutions help in making work life easy, thus, they are used in almost every organization around the world.

Microsoft Office format is the most used

Microsoft Office has become a sort of industry standard. No matter if it’s a text document or data sheet, companies at the other end would be able to easily access the material if you send it in Office format.

If you are using the same, you can be sure that your clients would be able to easily open all the files that you send, no matter which ever device they are using.

All products are user-friendly

No doubt that there are several alternatives to software offered in Microsoft Office. But, the most important point of difference between others and Microsoft Office is the user-friendliness.  Even someone without much of experience in handling software programs can easily use anything from MS Office suite. To experience the difference, use MS Word and then use Open Office’s Writer to write something. After using both, you would experience how MS Word is far better than its competitors.

You can buy it in DVD, CD, or download the files from Microsoft or its vendor’s websites.  Installation is very easy; you can also buy cheap office 2016 key online and activate the product.

Great support

MS offers the best possible customer service and technical support for their products. So, no matter if you are a freelancer or a tech startup, you can expect good support from Microsoft, as well as its vendors, if you come across any difficulty. Depending on your country, you can use telephone helpline, chat, and other available options in your territory.

No matter if you access documents using a desktop or Android smartphone/tablet PCs. Office suite can be used on a variety of devices, include those with iOS.