Being a sports coach is a tough ordeal, and excelling in the field is quite challenging. Sports coaches across the globe have an undying passion for the game and are constantly motivating athletes to perform their best on the field. A good coach is indispensable to the performance of a successful athlete. The profession demands a lot of discipline, motivation, awareness, and courage. The sports coach helps the athlete to shine despite all odds and become successful in the game.

Jack Elway – Sports coaches and the vital role they play in the life of an athlete

Jack Elway is the son of sports legend John Elway and passionate about football and sports. He says that when it comes to playing sports, both his father and grandfather have been his idols. They have been his inspiration to perform well, and he always remembers their advice when it comes to forming and technique. Athletes too look up to their coaches as father figures sometimes. They need constant nurturing and supervision in order to excel in the game. He says that every athlete looks up to their coach for courage, support, and motivation. The coach is like a teacher and guardian guiding the athlete towards the objective of winning. The sports coach needs to ensure that the athlete is being trained correctly before any tournament. Even when athletes are not performing in tournaments, they constantly need to be trained so that they are consistent in form.

Motivating Athletes

Devising the best strategies for the game

Sports and athletes are not the only responsibilities that coaches have to undertake for winning. They need to observe and develop strategies for the game. Take, for instance, football, this is a team game, and so here the coach is dealing with a number of players. He is responsible for their training and nutrition. At the same time, he needs to be observant and record the traits of the opposing team when they play at a tournament. He needs to carefully observe and witness the game to ensure that their strengths and weaknesses are noted. Once he observes the opponent team, he is able to devise game strategies for his team to deploy when they play at tournaments. A good coach is passionate about training and grooming athletes. He is motivated to help his athletes perform their best so that they can emerge victorious in any game with success.

In the opinion of Jack Elway, it can be challenging for any sports coach to cater to the emotional needs of an athlete, especially when there are losses in a game. The sports coach needs to bounce back into action and detect the flaws of the athlete or team after losing a game or a match. The coach, despite being disappointed, cannot afford the loss to control him. He needs to bounce back with an action plan and strategy that helps the athlete and team stay motivated to play again and win. A good sports coach never gives up or quits- he strives to be the best and motivates his athletes and players to do the same too!