Owners running and managing start-up businesses know how important it is to advertise their brand products in the market. Only then can they expect to attract potential customers to their businesses. Unfortunately, many of these owners have to conduct their commercial activities on a shoestring budget. They simply do not have the money to invest in expensive billboards, mass mailing, or advertisements in visual media channels. These owners need to look for and use cost-effective alternatives to promote their brand products to their targeted audience.

Joseph Cianciotto – How can start-up business owners advertise their products on a shoestring budget?

Joseph Cianciotto is a popular advertisement and marketing expert from New York City. He is a visual communication graduate from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University with years of valuable experience under his belt. During his illustrious career, he has held important positions in prominent advertisement agencies like D’Arcy Worldwide, Translation, and DDB NY. These include the offices of Vice-President, Executive Creative Director, and Chief Digital Officer. Even his clientele consists of many popular Fortune 500 brands like Electrolux, Diet Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, and Unilever. For his contribution to the advertisement industry, Joseph Cianciotto has won many awards.

Joseph Cianciotto says owners of start-up businesses can advertise their brand products in the market. In doing so, they do not need to exceed their budgetary limitations. These owners can still get the results they are looking for by investing a small sum of money. He suggests they should consider the following three cost-effective advertising strategies:

  1. Search engine optimization


All start-up business owners need to operate and maintain a fully functional website. When potential customers search for the products they are selling online, these owners’ websites should attain high ranks on SERPs. Only then can they expect to attract new customers to their businesses over time. To achieve this objective, the owners should invest their time in implementing the right search engine optimization strategies.

  1. Sidewalk Signs


Many start-up owners carry on their commercial activities from their business premises on a prominent main street. They could consider using a sidewalk sign to announce a prominent sale or arrival of fresh inventory. They should install the sign just outside their business premises. Pedestrians passing by will hopefully look at the sign and visit the owners’ business to find out more. This enables the owners to attract new customers to their businesses.

  1. Vehicle branding


Most start-up business owners drive a company car while conducting their commercial activities in the market. They could consider painting the vehicle with their business logo and other relevant information to attract the attention of pedestrians. To doing so, these owners may have to spend a lot of money. Fortunately, they will get adequate returns on their investment with an increase in customers and sales revenue over time.

Joseph Cianciotto states start-up business owners do not have to spend a huge sum of money on advertising their products in the market. They can achieve their objective with a shoestring budget. For this, they should consider investing in search engine optimization, vehicle branding, and install sidewalk signs. Over time these owners will earn adequate returns in the form of an increase in sales revenues.