Always playing the match which you are winning for the top lanner and taking out the entire team from mid to late game is really deflating. That player is not a low elo player, but they are actually a very high tier player who is boosting someone else account and smurfing on others.

Coming across the smurfs is not always bad. At the end of the day, ti is just a game you are playing. You can always learn from the smurf and the booster. It is also dispiriting. If every time you come across the booster and they are playing against you in your enemy team then it is like someone poking into your eye. You can actually nothing do about it but you need to keep patience and pray that it stops. Your hope should never die.

In Lol boosting euw you are risking your all account details. As per the terms of game you are not allowed to share your credentials with someone. It is also mean that it happens that you would never get to see your account again. If you have spent hundreds of pounds on lol boosting euw then it would really be devastating.

Views of Previous Players

A very well-known amateur player from the UK has told the esports news that buying a boost would be really painful. It requires sometimes a huge wallet and it would also hurt your career a lot. It is not a big problem but it can lead to the negative in your game. He is advising against buying of the lol boosting euw because when we are caught then it can lead to loss of the rank and all the hard money would be gone.

He has stopped working now as a booster because they can sell us at any time and then your career would be over. It is safe working with a major site because they are taking 30 percent cut from your job.

Another player has told that he has stop boosting because it is impacting his elo in high plat and low diamond in very quiet a lot. He is now working with the real esports where he is earning the legit money without abusing to the system for the easy money.

Another player has told that boosting is a very time-consuming thing. You will get shafted if you are working for a group who are taking a very large cut from your earnings. This is really a downside for the lol boosting euw because the clients are taking around 60/40 cut from the earnings. After so much of time-consuming, it is not a worth to do this.

If you are also going for the Lol boosting euw, then research well before investing your time and money.