Time is the most precious and valuable thing that cannot be brought back once lost. Person who understands the value of time will be the most successful one among all. Time sometimes points to any event or incident. Someone who says that they don’t time is equal to they don’t want to do anything. Make hay while the sun shines is the best proverb to explain about the value of time. One important factor about time would be time management which is being difficult in most days among all. If one wastes his childhood time, he will not be able to make up in future by building the qualities.

Someone who understands the value and importance of time will have the best practice of maintaining punctuality. Person who fails to maintain punctuality even fails in life by missing to do his own duties. Today’s successful people are those who maintain punctuality and even prosperous nations are those that do not waste any moment of time. Even nowadays jobs are paid as per hour or month or year, thus assigning the clear value to time. Each and every moment in life brings golden opportunities and chance to turn over situations too. That person who plans and schedules work according to the time available will never fail in anything. Hurrying things up in the last minute is the worst practice that one should never think of.

Forget about manual track in company

Generally in short or large organizations, employees have to be tracked for their check in and out time. This information is being used for the payrolls which must not have any bugs in logging data. Here comes the free employee clock in software which can be used for several purposes. This software provides flexibility in reporting employee’s attendance. It keeps note of the specified or even all employees check in and checkout time. Managers can also set real time alert through email or Sms text messaging when an employee comes in and goes out. Through the software, tasks also be assigned to a group where task status, scheduling, deadlines can be easily viewed. Sensitive files can also be uploaded and shared among the group.

Photo capture facility is provided by the software which encourages the honesty in time reporting system by making employees to submit their pictures at the time of their check in and check out. It also provides employees to change their shift timings with their co-workers. It has the facility to make the managers watch their employees with a hawk-eye by combining the smart phone’s GPS and IP address. Check in and checkout can be restricted by the managers which prevents late entry of the employees. Forget a bulk of human resource managing and keeping track of the employee’s payrolls, instead the software does everything which even avoids paying for the human resource maintaining records. The software allows users to active participate in meetings, scheduling tasks, submit projects on or before deadlines, avoids late entries of employees.