Are you deeply in love with somebody? You might have had love affairs earlier but not always we are sure about our love for our lovers or their love for us. Thus, we cannot think of marriage with all relationships. But at times, it feels that the person with whom we are now is actually the soul mate we have been searching for till date. When we get such feelings, it’s the ideal time to make the two hearts one before the altar.

However, not all romantic bonds end up in the altar, no matter how much the couple is in love with each other. It could be that one of them is not exactly sure about marriage. It could also be that a 3rd person is jealous of such a perfect chemistry and now wants to break it by any means. Such situations result in stupid fights, thereby destroying a blooming bond. But you cannot let this happen and there are magic spells for love marriage to help you here. The main purpose of such spells is to boost up your chances of love marriage with man or woman you love. You can try the Magic spells yourself and if the spell seems too complex to you- you can go to a professional spell caster.

Magic spells for love marriage

One such spell is binding lovers spell. To do the spell, you would need two white or black candles. You have to carry the ritual in a dark night. Start the ritual by lighting the candles. Remember, both of you should be present while casting the spell. After you light the candles, each of you should pick one. Hold the candle in one hand and that of your lover’s with another hand. Now, chant the spell while your back to one another. It’s a prayer to the dark night to enable both of you to stick to one another in this life and also in the afterlife. After you are done with the chant, face each other. Pour some wax from your lover’s candle into your one and tell him to do the same. It will help to keep both of you together. It is magic of Magic Spells.

There is another spell to help with love marriage and it is called bonding lovers spell. To do the spell, you would need one pink candle, 2 piece of paper, sandalwood oil and pen. You have to perform the spell together with your lover. Both of you would write down the things you admire in the other in individual papers. Make a list of minimum 6-10 items. The spell must be carried on a Friday night. After you make the list, light up the candle and sit down facing one another. Pray to Aphrodite and chant the It will be a prayer to her to keep both of you together forever.  work for both of you should chant together. After you are done, read out the lists aloud. Then, dab sandalwood oil right on thumb & place it on each page as thumb-print. Blow off your candle & fold up your papers & store them somewhere safe inside the bedroom.