One of the things on our list of life goals is “buy new car”, a ticket to exciting road trips, convenient commute and total freedom. However, with rising costs, it has become difficult to balance the high consumption – high energy lifestyles that we have and the prospect of paying off a car loan for years is the biggest detriment for future vehicle owners. Addressing this very common issue, Zoomcar introduces a solution that allows you to buy a new car and also weather the storm of extra expenses that come along with it.

What if you can buy a car and dodge the EMIs that follow, maintaining your lifestyle while also gaining an unparalleled freedom? Shared ownership is the best way to deal with costs, and using this concept, Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative allows you to become a car owner with no compromises. Whether you own a new car or want to make the jump by buying one, you can sign up as a ZAPster and list your car on the Zoomcar platform when you don’t drive it. The earnings you get back will go a long way into dealing with your monthly EMIs, in fact, some customers have also earned extra income through this arrangement.

You can use Zoomcar’s great relationship with top car makers in the country to buy a vehicle at discounted rates. You will also have access to a nationwide network of financiers and get good rates on auto loans.

The prerequisites for being a ZAPster are very simple. Register the vehicle with Zoomcar under a commercial license. This is a compliance requirement that also protects you from any liabilities while the car is being used on the Zoomcar platform. So you can rest easy and count your money. Cadabra is a revolutionary proprietary tool that monitors car health and gives you updates on the Zoomcar app. With this hi-tech addition to your vehicle, you will save thousands of rupees with smart preventive maintenance. The billing process is very transparent, so you will know exactly what your car is earning you money for. With GPS tracking, you will know where your car is, adding to the many reassurances that ZAP offers.

Your car sitting idle in the lot is a depreciating asset that is still sucking your monthly income dry. Instead, you can sign up as a ZAPster and become part of Zoomcar’s success story, earning back the costs of your car.