Airports are difficult to navigate for people who are new to the concept of it. To help it become easier one may refer to the airport map. For eg, the seattle airport map is explained below.


The seattle airport map shows city International field has one main terminal (with four concourses), and 2 satellites. Every facility serves many airlines and an oversized variety of destinations and offers a spread of restaurants, bars, newsstands and retailers. Business services, banks and ATMs are offered. The most terminal has the best concentration of rider services.

Business Services

  • Internet Access

Laptop users can use the high-speed wireless Internet access available throughout the airport. It must be noted that this facility is not available in the subways and on the upper floors of the garage. Additionally, Internet access is also available at Laptop Lane located in the North Satellite of the airport.

  • Fax and Photocopying

Laptop Lane, the business centre located in the North Satellite, offers many thoughtful services for business travellers. These services include fax, photocopy and computer usage.

  • Post

As a convenience for travellers, US Mailboxes have been placed on the ticketing level near America West, on the Upper Drive sidewalk outside of America West, in the North and South Satellites, and on the Lower Drive sidewalk outside of the baggage claim door 16.

seattle airport map

Currency Exchange and ATMs

  • Foreign Exchange Desks

The airport offers two Travelex currency exchanges in the Main Terminal (one on the north esplanade and the other on the south) and one currency exchange in the South Satellite.

  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

16 ATMs have been conveniently positioned throughout the airport. Four ATMs are available at the ticketing level of the Main Terminal, with the Baggage Claim Level of the Main Terminal and concourse A offering three ATMs each. All other concourses and satellites feature an ATM each with the exception of concourse D which features two ATMs.

Extra Traveler Facilities: Tourist Information

The Visitor Information Desk located opposite Carousel 11 on the Baggage Claim Level in the Main Terminal is perfect for tourists arriving at the airport.

Disabled Facilities: Elevators

  • All elevators at the airport feature control with Braille and raised numerals, lowered control panels, floor passing gongs, and raised call buttons.
  • Private restrooms for disabled travellers who need assistance are located on both levels of the Main Terminal as well as on all concourses and satellites. Most of the public restrooms at the airport feature larger stalls for wheelchair access, grab bars.