One of the cutting edges of the hidden television technology is none other than the magic mirror TV. It is also known as Samsung LED mirror TV. The TV’s have a special kind of flawless quality which is 4k and has also incredible brightness. The installation of the television is easy as it is done with regular TV. The TV can also be hanged in the wall once the other process is complete. The TV can be easily bought from the manufacturer at a very cost effective price. Also, additionally, the person can easily customize the television with the frame to blend it more and also the styles of the frames which are available is more than 100 plus.

Magic Mirror TV

For magic mirror TV another style is that the customers can also make a custom size DIY do it yourself project. All that the customer needs to do is buy the mirror and the frames and also the sticks and make it a do it yourself project. People need not worry as there are helpers available to guide on the DIY.Also, there is no need for the customers to buy the entire mirror TV, the only thing which you need is a glass. The rest can be easily manufactured for the purpose of TV mirror which fits into your project very well.

Bathroom Mirror with Technology

In a matter of only minutes you can add elegance to your bathroom only in few minutes. Let’s look into it how it’s done. Into the custom sized mirror the ultra thin LCD TV is built, so it will help the customers in not knowing that there is TV hidden behind the mirror. Unless and until it is turned on and the magic mirror TV appears. The project manufacturers are very well able to work with this project and they can work on size of project whether it is small wall or the entire wall. The vanity mirror TV can also be directly fitted into your wall. Also, the TV is water proof and also has a water proof remote. It also includes built in speakers. So, now there is now need for the people to worry about fixing their TV by making hole in the wall and getting the stuff attached. To know more about the magic mirror TV, the customers can log online and check the details.