The individuals bent upon having a great body depend a lot on the hormone powders. These powders help in assimilating the body mass into the muscles, thereby adding volume to them. Regular exercising can give them the right kind of shape.

Natural nutrients are must for anybody, be it a normal guy or a body builder. However, natural substances may fail to impart the effects or results that are specifically desired by the body builders. They cannot help shape up the muscles in the best possible way that the hormone powders can do. These powders are thus called bath salts- one which brings in beauty and shape to the body. To buy ethylphenidate online and the likes, reliable companies like Benzo Chemicals are the best options!

How are they produced?

Online shopping easiest way to get designer drugs ordered and delivered!In order to get them done, one needs to be a chemist. Playing with the functional groups, chemical constituents and polymer interactions matter a lot in making them perfectly. The biggest challenge however lies in the fact that the chemical constitution has to evade the latest of the banned chemical substances. This list is maintained by international authorities and regularly revised. So, if a chemical falls under any of the specified constitution in this banned list, it cannot be sold anymore. The pharmacists thus have to be innovative with the polymer chains and at the level of micro and nano structures so as to come up with structures that do not get filtered by the existing list. Since this list is regularly updated, the challenge thus also remains that a drug not filtered today may get caught tomorrow. Hence, the R&D here is continuous and innovative!

Do they have side effects?

These drugs are banned because of two things. One is that they give undue advantage to competitors who have resorted to these over those who have not. And secondly, they help in building the muscle mass but at the same time show negative effects over prolonged usage. The heart, kidneys, liver and other vital organs can be affected adversely due to these designer drugs, if consumed over a long period of time. While the reason has been asserted to the anabolic build up that these drugs induce inside the body, the effects have not been found to affect every individual uniformly; rather, it varies from one to another and is basically dependent on the immunity of the individuals.

Since they have side effects on the body, hence there is the attempt from part of the government authorities to curb their usage. Various bans enforced at various points of time are steps towards ensuring this only. While it is good for individuals, it may stop a willing body builder to get help of the latest chemistry and polymer technology in improving her/his body.

Where to look for

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