Have you ever given your reviews on any product after using it? Or read about the reviews before purchasing a product? The people who have been on both the aspects will realise how important the reviews are. Reviews are that magnificent part of any product, place than can either increase or decrease the demand. Review is a kind of evaluation of a service, publication, company, product or any other thing. It is a type of rating given by the users upon their experience about the particular things and sometimes the users also give star rating out of 5 stars on basis of their likings.

How does giving reviews benefit the sites?

  • Free advertising- Each review that a customer posts online is a form of advertising to the business. The name of your company and product is exposed to other readers, increasing awareness among them of what you are and what you do.They provide you a kind of exposure into the market that you would not be able to afford by using any other traditional marketing channels.
  • Improving the results of search engines-Reviews also help in improving the results of search engines on the internet. Search engines take into their account that how many times is the name of you business is mentioned on the reviews. If you are being mentioned lot of times, then your name is likely to appear more in search results for that particular business as compared to the one that is not reviewed often.
  • Peer recommendations- According to research it has been found that customers mostly trust peer recommendations more than they trust any type of advertising on sites. They usually trust on the recommendations given by the people whom they know, but many consumers think that online sources are more credible.


  • Provide constructive criticism and suggestions- It has been noted that some reviews raise point of concern and provide suggestions for improvement related to the business and this can be taken as a plus point to resolve the customer’s problem. So, if you get an opportunity of noticing a review providing suggestions you have an opportunity to address the concern of your customer and respond to it. Many customers provide good suggestions and if they are being taken into concern it can be a source of a good business idea.
  • Close relationship with customers- Just like any other social media platforms these review sites offer you a chance to develop close relationship with the customers. You can reply to both positive and negative review showing that you are interested in knowing what consumers want to say.

As a consumer don’t forget to post your review about any of the product or services you used as your small review can bring big changes in the business and is a sort of introduction to new and improved forms of the product.