One of the most popular and widely sought after games in the world is rugby. It is played in all nations and people love to watch it on a regular basis. Rugby fans and players can never get enough of the game and this is the reason why they love going the extra mile to share their love with others. They spread this love and experience of playing the game via blogs and social media. They help others learn and discover the joys of playing this fantastic game!

Sharing his passion for rugby…

 A passionate fan of rugby in the United States always ensures that others get to know about this interesting and engaging game. His name is Brendan Triplett. He has served in the USA Army as an infantry sergeant and is the recipient of the prestigious awards – The Purple Heart Medal and The Bronze Star Medal With “V” device”. He is an ardent fan of Rugby and has also played the game when he was in high school and college. He says that he likes to share his views on the game of rugby and this is why he has a blog dedicated to the sport on Blogspot. He says that he also has trained his troops in the game and arranged for adhoc teams to play it. His troops loved the game and they discovered a lot of similarities between military training and rugby. For many, he says the game actually came naturally to them.

He says most of his blog posts are to make people understand the game of rugby from the eyes of a passionate rugby player. He says that he likes to write in simple and lucid language. He also states that it is important for you to understand that the game has several life skills like team work and unity. This means the players of both the teams are knit together as the main objective is to get possession of the ball.


He adds that he no longer is in the position to play rugby however it is his passion to take out some time and share his love for the game with people across the globe. He also states that he informs fans on how the game is played. This is helpful to people who being exposed to the game for the first time. He also has an avid interest in the major rugby tournaments of the world and he writes about them as well. His blog is a major form of information with his personal touch.

At the same time, he also uses social media platforms like YouTube to spread the message and the love of the game. He records matches and posts them on YouTube for fans to follow. He says that he is lucky that social media and the internet give him the chance to spread the message of the game of rugby with success. Search for Brendan Triplett on YouTube and you will be exposed to some insightful content and information on the sport.