It is but with no doubt that you will have far more benefits of using a proxy server for many of the things that you do online right from security to privacy, the proxy is what can help mask your identity yet get all access to the online stuff. The requests that you make are encrypted hence they can be known to others, and you won’t leave behind a trace which itself is what you don’t want it to happen when you are accessing some of the sites that are banned by the authorities. You can now keep your transactions private online without the fear of someone tracking all the times you are browsing on the internet. The online proxy server also can be could with the private network for better privacy and security protocol in place. This network can be extended to the external employees or the remote users of the company.

Why it is risky

When this is in place, the company can easily verify that only the company users are getting on to the resources, and not any other person has worked their way into the company’s information resource. The user will have a secure connection, and they will be able to protect the data belonging to the company effectively.

online proxy

When you get on to proxy servers, you can now get access to the sites that were have been off the radar because of the impositions of governments and other authorities. Here you can now enjoy what you can’t get through to. Now the proxy servers have given the provision to uncensored internet content to be viewed even after impositions. But there are certain risks involved when you are out there to use the internet. The free online proxy servers may not be that risk-free as you may not know how they generate the revenue even though it may be envisaged through advertisements.

When it is free, the quality of the software that encrypts the data may not be assecureenough, and it can be hacked by a person who can decode it, such risks come with free software. You may have to see the pro and the cons when you are budgeting for getting a proxy server use. You may end up with potential security issues which not be worth the risk. Since the proxy server will be having all your information including browsing history to your IP address, you better check on what are the retentionpolicies the follow for your data that is saved on their server and being knowledgeable about the law enforcement policies that are being developed will also help.