Are you considering applying for a Partner Visa? Being well informed about the requirements and making sure you address these thoroughly in your application will give you the best chance of a successful outcome. In this article, we describe the top reasons for rejecting spouse visa uk application to help you navigate your way through this process.

Insufficient proof for a partner visa: 

The most often reason for rejection is that applicants have not provided sufficient proof to make a favourable decision for the case officer. To be able to give a partner visa to the case officer, you must prove that your partnership is genuine. Failure to provide proof covering each of the following aspects can result in a rejection of your application:

  • As regards investments
  • Social aspects
  • Your household natures
  • Form of your relationship with one another

Be thorough and provide as much proof as you can cover the whole duration of your relationship. If there is one thing that you miss, offer reasons why. 

spouse visa uk application

A few other things to bear in mind when you apply for a visa are: 

  • Ensure that all documents needed are attached – failure to do so will result in a refusal or delay of your application
  • Ensure that the evidence contains all the information required, and is in the correct format:
  • Photos should get accompanied by descriptions pertinent
  • Screenshots should include date and time
  • Documents should be either colour scans or certified by an authorized witness if you provide black and white copies
  • The files have to be in the correct arrangement.
  • If you are in a de-facto relationship, make sure you provide the necessary evidence of the relationship to cover the right period. 

Failure to meet Partner Visa Schedule 3: 

If you lodge your application in a given state and you are unlawful or hold a Bridging Visa, you must meet ‘Schedule 3.’ This may get waived, but only if there are compelling reasons that have led to your current visa status. Failure to meet this requirement appropriately may result in a refusal. Therefore, make sure you have a convincing argument to make before sending an application on specific grounds. Be completely aware of the types of factors considered to meet Schedule 3 and determine whether you are attending the threshold. It is vital to have detailed and verifiable evidence too. 

Poor spousal visa interviews:

Immigration may require that you attend a meeting in person or by phone to ask questions about your application. If you are unable to remember essential information such as the date of birth of your spouse, details of their families when/how you met, and details of how your relationship evolved, or if you provide answers that disagree with your spouse. The immigration may find your relationship to be non-genuine (even if it’s to replace lost uk passport – you have to be accurate as much!) Ensure that you and your partner are well-informed. You can remember the details accurately after you have submitted your application.