There are many sources of roof damage. Some damages make us cost very big while other cost us less. Whatever may it if there are some damages that can be prevented from before while some cannot be. Among all the damaged that is cause some damages are done by animals. You think that is not possible. Well, I am sorry to say that it is extremely possible. In fact, this is the main cause of damages. You have no control over these causes. You can just take a few steps to ensure that it does not happen but there is no way you can give a are the common damages that animals make to your house.

Damaged ventilation

The animal is always in search of food and shelter. The man-made homes tend to give them both. Hence, they try to get access to these home. The most likable items to be damaged by the animal are the components that lay outside. These items get damaged because they are the only to get an entry into your house. Moreover, the second thing is the=at these items are easier to get damaged. Ventilation pipes that give ventilation and keep your room moisture free are a way to get in into your home. These pipes are made up of soft metals. These metals are nothing in front of the animal’s teeth. These can easily chew them and make way for them into the house. Rodent is mostly found to have built their shelter in the ventilation pipe are chew the pipes to get into the attic. This chewing the pipe leads to water leakage in the pipe. You can look for toronto roofers to take care of your roof in a professional way.

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Damaged shingles and roof ridge caps

Some animals chew the roofing system to make a way onto the attic. The attic is the most isolated place in the house and is the warmest one too. Many animals like this kind of places. Moreover, warm places are the home for the newborns. Hence, a single animal gives rise to more animal and they make holes in the overall pipes.

Many ridge caps on the roof are many of rubber. Animals like birds tend to chew and prick this soft rubber to access the inside. This thing creates a leakage in the roof, which makes the roof unreliable to bad weathers.


You cannot prevent the animals to stay away from your house but you can have a regular check on the roof to make sure that the roof is fine or not. If not so, then you can handle the defects yourself.