The definition of being healthy is complicated. Making sure of having the proper diet is quite confusing and stressful sometimes. But to have a good and long life, we all should have it. A healthy lifestyle does regular checkups with their physician to be aware about the benefits and to know more healthy tips.The changes of both physical and mental capacity to do and understand things are simple of becoming aware if someone needs to be checked or tested. One way of doing such test is the Telomere testing.

To Be Real Sure About Your Life Terms

What is Telomere Testing? It is a test of the blood that scoping the extent of Telomeres. This will lead the idea to discover or identify the person’s natural age, meaning, this is the age of an individual according to his physical functions similar to others. This is also called the “biological age.” There is also what we called “chronological age.” This is the exact number of years of an individual the moment he was born.

Biological age measures changes physically- its body structures, sensory insights and the Psychomotor skills. The chronological age and biological age of a person are not always the same. For a person’s biological age, this can be served as a hint.

There Is Something With Our Age


Most DNA composed of Telomeres as a person gets older, it normally reduces. By examining the length of a Telomere, one must acquire better understanding of their health, the extent to live, and being liable to any sickness or ailment, like cancer and Alzheimer’s. For example, a man aged 70 with fairly long Telomeres may be considered to have a younger biological age, therefore, he is healthier and has a chance to live longer compared to a man of the same age, 70. Contrary to the previous example, a woman aged 30 who has a short Telomere may be considered to have a biological age of 45. This means she is getting older quickly compared to a normal one with the same length of Telomere having an average age of 45-year-old. She may also be at higher risk of acquiring cancer, heart disease, and worst, it leads to her early death.

Trust Your Health Rather Than Your Age

The measurement of the length of the Telomere may be accurate, yet, the said measurement when it comes to the individual’s age and health, is not considered to have the best interpretation. So, whatever the result of a Telomere test should not be considered as final.