Eating in a good quality Indian restaurant will get you introduced to Shorba. It is a kind of soup or stew that is served piping hot. This dish is served right at the beginning. Most restaurants offer tomato shorba as a complimentary dish for the guests to have something when waiting for their orders. There are other types of shorba made out of vegetables, meat, chicken too that are served on order in many restaurants.

Shorba is also known as chorba. They are one and the same. They are just variants in spelling owing to their place of origin. This particular dish is popular across Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East. It is also part of native cuisines of Eastern Europe, Balkans and some parts of North Africa. The shorba is popular across contemporary cuisines of the world. It is generally listed as Indian food online. There is a certain amount of healing and medicinal value attached to Shorba because of which it is highly recommended during periods of ill health. If one were to go online in search of soothing food for shorba, it will definitely be found in order soups online section.

The shorba in its original form is associated with Persia. It means salty stew in its literal translation. The shorba as it was first made was predominantly made out of meat and chicken. As the dish grew in its popularity, vegetarian versions of it have become popular too. Moong dal shorba, tomato shorba are the most traditional vegetarian variants. Innovative chefs around the world are creating different versions of vegetarian shorba now. When you order shorba out of India, the list of Indian food online in world cuisine will introduce you to some interesting options.

Soups are generally restricted to times of ill health. But many people find a soup as a healthy alternative to general snacking. There are so many varieties of soups now. Some of them can be complete meal replacements. I recently had a thick soup made out of vegetables, sour cream, basil leaves and olive oil. It was fulfilling enough to not need a next meal. Ordering soups online provides the options to choose core ingredients that will make your soup eating experience a whole lot different.

A busy work day is a good time to order soups online. The way they are packed and delivered ensure no loss of volume. There is hardly any spillage. Plus, it is a hands free food as you can easily sip, slurp or drink it while working. Shorba or chorba falls in this category too. Accompanied with some bread or bread sticks, it can be a fulfilling meal for one.