There are lot more things for selling a house before marketing, from preparing the house to finding an agent and listing it.Here is a guide mentioning step by step process of selling your property and to make your house get ready for listing.

  1. Be prepared

After decided to sell and before reaching an agent, make your home ready for the sale.Declutter all the waste. Clean your house. Tidy up the garden. Plan when you want to sell. Write down, all your requirements and needs. Decide how much profit you want. Fix time frame to sell your home. Ensure your home is in its best condition.

  1. Choose an agent

Agents can provide you with data about the price in your locality, market trends, theright time to sell and advertising methods. You can get answers to all your questions related to property selling. You have to select an agent who is very much familiar with your locality.Choose an agent only if you are satisfied with their skills and way of answering your questions.

2.     Prepare vendor’s statement

Now prepare the Vendor’s Statementfor your property. It explainsyou the crucial points a buyer should know before buying the property. They are prepared by a lawyer or a conveyancer.It contains legal details like, whether a mortgage is held over the property,any easements to which the land is subject, any agreements or restriction on the property.

3.     Market your property

Advertise your property in a number of ways both online and offline. Enlist in property sites. Advertise through social networking sites. Also arrange banners and sign boards, mentioning thesaleof your property. Take recommendations of your agent.

  1. Sell your property

A good agent will negotiate for the best price of homes for sale dallas. Sell your asset if you are satisfied with buyer’s offer.

5.     Preparing Contract

Prepare sale deed or contract of sale with your solicitor or conveyancer.

6.     Settlement

It is the final stage of the sale. The buyer completes the payment and takes legal possession of the home.


Choosing a correct agent is the crucial step. If it’s done properly he will take care of all the other steps,from plan to settlement. A knowledgeable agent will simplify your work. Selling or buying a property should be done with keen understanding. It can be handled well in every simple action and all those facts are manually kept in the limited period of action. Find the best option and start the sale.