Studio headphones are different than the other normal headphones that we use for listening to music or for watching a movie on the laptop or for even playing games; these headphones are completely different. Studio headphones are usually used by professional singers, music directors or playback singers to record a dong in the studio or for editing a music piece in a music studio. These headphones are especially made for listening to some tunes or for mixing some music with the song. Such studio headphones are specifically for musicians and are of no use for daily life.

There are a few features of good studio headphones that should be kept in mind; a good studio headphone cancels the noise in order to allow vocalists to hear the tone of their voice, it also enhances the experience of recording and mixing the song in progress. The best kind of studio headphones are the sealed headphones that totally isolate and abundant everything and all that can be heard is the voice and the mix. There are also open back headphones that record with one ear in the mix so that the sound is not strange. One should avoid headphones with an over large cord and it is better to choose headphones with interchangeable cords.

Studio is used by a lot of people and different musicians so it is better to choose durable studio headphones as they can be used for long. There are a number of good studio headphones but if you want the best studio headphones consider the following options:

  • Audio technia ATH M 30x professional studio monitor headphones- These headphones are quite popular and come in a soft leather pouch and an adapter. These are not bass enhanced so they give flat frequency sounding and give an accurate presentation their sound. These headphones don’t provide complete noise cancellation so some background noise can be heard.
  • Sony MDRV6 studio monitor headphones with ccaw voice coil- These are an all-round pair of headphones; they have been in the market since a long time and are still used an recommended by top musicians. They provide flat frequency for accurate sound and have a long curled cord that can be plugged into different devices. These are the most sorts after headphones in the market at present.
  • Status Audi CB-1 closed back studio monitor headphones- These headphones come with 50mm drivers, two detachable cables for easier use by the musicians. They have big ear cup size and have an inner cut for better sound. These can be folded and can be stored easily while travelling.
  • Panasonic quick fir over the ear DJ stereo monitor headphones- These headphones give a powerful performance but they have flat frequency and also a greatly enhanced bass range. With these headphones one can easily hear the drums and the bass quiet clearly; they are perfect for the DJ’s to use.

Need the best studio headphones then buy any one of these for a better quality and sound.