A patent agent needs to file patent applications and prosecute it for his client. He has to advise about legal contracts so he needs to be a graduate from law school and be able to practice at law firms. As an inventor or a businessman, it is not easy to understand complex legal structure. To avoid trouble, you need to hire a patent agent to prevent others from using your inventions without having your permission. You can contact wilson patents to get more details about patent agency in Canada. It is important to search for a patent agency that is well versed with Canadian law. You can take a look online and go to the agency website to know the price and procedure to be followed. To create patent rights, you need to go through following steps to choose a patent agency.

List of options:

Prepare a list of available options to make it easy to find out who serves better in this field. The most reliable agency from among the list of Canadian patent agents is to be hired to fulfil our requirements. As you have to share all the details with him, he should be able to keep it confidential. Finding out the most experienced one who has conducted his practice following proper code of conduct may be possible by listing the characteristics of each option.

Work Profile:

As per your requirement, you should go through the work profile of agency. He should have the knowledge about national and international legal requirements in patenting. His agency code should be valid and unambiguous. He should be a professional and trained person. He should possess technical skills to represent his client. Checking his previous work, you will come to know about the number of patents he has drafted, how long has he worked and the types of inventions handled by him. His background check will help you take further decisions.

Duties and responsibilities:

It is the duty of the agent to comply with the law. He has to draft the application noting client’s requirements. Prepared document should be submitted to the controller within a proper time frame. Any additional documentation, if required should be handled by him. If the client is a business unit, many other issues are attached and it is the agent’s responsibility to handle them. He should design his strategies according to the type of client. Periodic counselling should be arranged on patent matters for clients.

The above-mentioned steps may help you to get hold of an agent who has proficiency in his work and is able to solve your patent matter instantly. You should take a quick look at his qualifications and license for work. You should make sure that the agency you are hiring is charging you reasonable fees and is providing quality services. Registration of patent is an important step for an inventor or a business man and so proper care should be taken in selecting an agency to avoid entering into complexities of the law. One can negotiate for agency fees by giving him marketing rights.