It is a fact that children parties entertainment has changed drastically compared to that of the previous generation. Activities like pinning the tail on the donkey and bobbing for apples have now been replaced with digital handheld devices that are capable of doing almost anything the user wants them to. To keep up with the times, your children parties entertainment also needs to reflect what the current generation of children are interested in. Here are the top 3 children parties entertainment that are absolutely must haves at every party.

  • Tablet devices

Tablet devices are a very popular form of children parties entertainment that can either be used to play music which the kids love singing along to or it can even let them play games that teach them their ABCs or basic math. There is nothing that cannot be done on the tablet device and it is also possible to integrate it into your party planning!

Many parents who have successfully integrated tablet devices into their children parties entertainment has seen their popularity skyrocket especially amongst the kids as they would have enjoyed playing with the device and learning through it.


  • Smart phone devices

While smart phones have a smaller screen than tablet devices, they are actually more portable and are easier to be passed around the children so that everyone can have a turn. You can actually install a few apps that are free which allow the children to connect two smart phone devices together to play against each other.

Not only is this a great form of children parties entertainment, it is also helpful in letting the children develop their hand to eye coordination, as well as to learn about how to be competitive against one another. These are skills that will determine whether they succeed later on in life so having this form of children parties entertainment is very positive.

  • Movies on the projector screen

While you may have a very advanced television system in your home, the children will definitely prefer watching movies or cartoons projected on the wall. This may seem like a more primitive form of children parties entertainment but it is in fact very high tech because to project clearly, you will need many things to pull it off.

You can easily stream or project cartoons or education shows that can help the children to learn, sing and dance all at the same time! Make no mistake about it, this is probably the most popular form of children parties entertainment out there so you need to make sure that you make full use of it.