A granny flat is not a granny flat, this might be puzzling but here’s the definition. A granny flat is a stand-alone house, attached or separated from the main house. It can stand on its own as a house with full amenities and are often used by the elderlies at home for them to have their own cozy space without the headache of kids running around the house.

But granny flats are not just for grannies, it can be used for many things and if you need an extra space for your business, for your inventory, a flat for rent even for an extra income and set it in Airbnb, this is the perfect flat for that. As mentioned it has all the amenities that a person wants that will be ample enough to be comfortable.

The rules: While granny flats are a good idea, it’s important to know the rules about granny flats. These details should be considered, otherwise, you will be in violation of your building code. Below you can find the rules in having a granny flat:

  • It should have a maximum area of 60 sqm
  • You need to have at least 450 sqm in order to build one
  • There are 3 granny flats to choose from: conversion, attached or detached.

Building codes: As much as people see this as a small house that doesn’t hurt, the fact is that it still needs to comply with the Building Code of Australia. With many people seeing it’s opportunity for an extra income, this comes as no surprise.

Get some financial advice: While everyone will agree that a granny flat is a good investment, you also need to assess this for yourself in order to maximize its potential. If your building one or rent and your area is not really a tourists hotspot, you might want to reconsider. These things have to be weight in, while granny flats cost less than a full house to build, it’s still is costly so you really need a second (expert) opinion on the matter.

The Top 3 Things That You Should Consider When You Are Planning To Have A Granny Flat

What most people are doing with it: It’s already clear that granny flats are not for grannies only and aside from having it as an Airbnb place, there‚Äôs actually more potential to it that you can use it for. Below are even just a few of them:

  • Can serve as a home for your independent kid that you don’t want to move away from you
  • A great home and spacious office space
  • A place for visitors and relatives to stay on vacation
  • A place that houses your collections

Granny flats are very far from the looks and functions versus what it was named for. Because granny flats are not just for grannies, it can be many more and people knows all about it. There are things to consider though, like building codes, financial advice and explore other things that you can do with it in order to maximize its potential. If you need a good advice, drafting, the constructions, just basically every headache you can possibly think of about the idea of building to building a granny house, visit this link www.renovateplans.com.au/granny-flat-designs/.